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From time to time my heart skips a beat when I hear a good Spanish song. I don’t often listen to Spanish music, but when I do it warms my soul.

Play me a good Carlos Vives, Juan Luis Guerra or Oreja de Van Gogh and pour me a glass of wine —  I am a happy woman! A few sips later, I may even start to shimmy. (But really, who am I kidding I was probably dancing or swaying with the first note.)

I moved to the U.S when I was 8 years old. I remember so vividly being embarrassed at the fact that I didn’t properly speak English till the 3rd grade. I hated telling people where I was from because half of them had no clue where Bolivia even was. One time, someone asked me, “what language do they speak there?” And they were confused at the fact that I “wasn’t brown”! Seriously!?!

I had no choice but to laugh…

Hispanic Heritage MonthNORDSTROM tank
NORDSTROM BP necklace and bracelet
FOREVER 21 pants
Images: Katie Lopez Photography

As a Latina millennial, I’m proud to live in America and thankful for the opportunities this country has given me. But I also love and embrace my Latin culture. I love my roots, I love my people and I love our food. Maybe that’s why I love Miami so much because we’re the heartbeat of this city!

Well, in honor of Hispanic Heritage month, here are 10 reasons why I love being Latina:

  1.  English is optional, but Spanish is necessary. In an ideal world, your children will definitely be bilingual. If your parent’s taught you well, you speak both English and Spanish. And that’s huge!
  2. Being loud is perfectly normal. And so is yelling someone’s name accross the halls. Whisper? What does that even mean? If the house is quiet, then you know something is wrong.
  3. There are no secrets, ever. If you told abuela something… Well, she told your mom, tía, sister and cousins. Pero, don’t worry. Todo se queda entre familia, mi hija. And if you didn’t tell her, she most likely was snooping through your stuff and already read about it in your journal.
  4. Rice is served in every meal. Yes, even breakfast! Nuestros amigos de Centro América lo comen hasta en su desayuno, y con una cremita deliciosa. Mmmm. It’s quite scrumptious!
  5. We work for what we have. Cubans are the epitome of this example. They’re not afraid to persevere. Sweat, tears and a little blood — you gotta do what you gotta do! Latinos dream big dreams but we also fight to make them a reality.
  6. We’re all related. No, but really… If you meet a fellow Latino or Latina you like them that much more just because they are Latin. They speak your native tongue and understand your antics.
  7. We genuinely enjoy seeing each other prosper and we’re willing to help one another. We’re all hermanos y hermanas remember? So how could we not help each other? We create communities within communities, we celebrate the accomplishments of others and share our secrets to success.
  8. We drink coffee like Germans drink beer. Cafecito, cortadito, colada… Que Starbucks, ni que Starbucks! Oh and we drink it right before bed because we’re pretty much immune to caffeine. (Well, at least most of us!)
  9. Any reason is a good reason for a pachanga. Bad day? Good day? Sad day? Let’s make it better with a few friends, drinks and some dancing.
  10. We value and nurture relationships. Our passion, excitement and contagious zeal comes from doing life with others.  We’re thankful for every day and the lessons they bring. But even more, we’re thankful for the bond between family and friends.

Me falto algo? Feel free to chime in and add to my list in the comments section below.

As of 2014, the Latino population reached an all-time-high of 55.4 million, that’s 17.4% of the total U.S. population. So, whether the Trumps of the world admit it or not, Hispanics have helped make and  shape this country. Don’t you agree?

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month, mi gente!

PS: If the pictures above look familiar to you it’s because I had them as banners in my old site, but I never actually did a post with them. So I figured, why not? ;) PSS: I had a really hard time finding similar items as the ones pictured. (All those pieces are so old). Oh well, I tried.


Wearing overalls and looking like a grown-up can seem like a bit of an oxymoron.

In fact, if you grew up in the 90’s chances are you had a few of these denim digs. You probably paired them with your favorite tee/tank and matching scrunchies.  You jammed to the Spice Girls and walked around like you were the coolest kid in town. No? Was I the only one?

As a true 90’s child, I loved wearing overalls, I remember having some super awesome dark-denim bell-bottomed pair that I adored. Thinking back on them actually makes me sad that I got rid of them. I bet I would still fit into them.

Luckily, these retro trends are slowly making their way back into our wardrobes. Today, scrunchies, overalls, berry lips, mom jeans, chokers, bandannas and even jelly shoes are totally a thing!

Though some still think that these denim “onesies” are better left in your giveaway pile. I am here to convince you otherwise. Not sure how to wear overalls? Here are five ways to style your dungarees.


  1. Avoid wearing plaid. The goal is to look clean and crisp not like a farmer. Opt for neutrals and ditch anything that may resemble the Little House on the Prairie.
  2. Find the right fit. The silhouette and fit of overalls are key, this can make or break your look. Play with your style and see what you feel comfortable in. If you go with the boyfriend fit, try not to have an overly loose crotch area. I prefer slim cuts rather than baggy, but it’s your call.
  3. Add some flair. When you were 12, you probably paired your overalls with a Hello Kitty tee and good ol’ jellies. But here is your chance to finally look like an adult, pair them with your favorite strappy heels. For a more comfortable look pull out the classic white Keds or Adidas. You can also mix and match the boyish feel with some feminine fabrics — like this lace off-the-shoulder top.
  4. Layer like a pro. Layer your overalls with your favorite knit sweater, wearing them either under or over your knit is perfectly acceptable. Also, pairing the denim with different textures is a-okay. For example, you can drape a leather jacket over your shoulders or even add pop of your favorite faux fur.
  5. Accessorize like a lady. For a more sophisticated feel, add some structure to your look. Pair your overalls with a either bold bauble or a dainty necklace. Add a structured bag and you’re all set!

ONeiil_Overalls_Brows_That_Wow-16 ONeiil_Overalls_Brows_That_Wow-14 ONeiil_Overalls_Brows_That_Wow-5SHE IN off-the-shoulder top (similar)
O’ NEILL overalls
KEDS sneakers
BLOOMINGDALES bag c/o Glory House (similar)
necklace c/o TAUDREY

ONeiil_Overalls_Brows_That_Wow-2 ONeiil_Overalls_Brows_That_Wow-4 Still not sure about overalls? You can also ditch the denim look all together. For an even more grown-up feel you can play with different fabrics and colors. Here are a few other options.

How will you style your overalls?



It’s inevitable! For most women, hair removal is part of our everyday routine. Tweezing, shaving, waxing, the methods may actually vary for different areas of our body.

But does no shave November also apply to women? Okay, okay… Maybe it sounds like I’m about to cause an upheaval and empower women to embrace their fur. Trust me, that’s not my plan. Ew!

But I must admit, I’ve always been a little envious of the fact that men don’t have to shave their legs. I guess as a girl, society expects you to always be hair free. And while shaving your legs seemed like the coolest thing ever in sixth grade, nowadays I dread it. The reality is that the older you get the less exciting it becomes. Now I see it as more of a chore. Don’t you?

For a really long time, I contemplated the idea of laser hair removal. But I was too cheap to go to a spa and commit to buying a package, so instead I tried an at-home-equipment. I researched these gadgets like a mad woman and after finally committing to one and using it a few times, I wasn’t impressed.

Having already embarked on a mission to be hair-free, I jumped on the bandwagon and finally committed to an actual package at Touch Laser Med Spa.  I started with my full bikini and then decided to also include my legs. After just one session, I saw about 70% less hair growth.Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (13)Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (7)
Touch uses The Candela GentleYAG® laser system which is top-of-the-line equipment. It requires no gel and is safe for all skin types. According to experts, “The infrared laser delivers invisible energy deep into the skin. By heating its targets slowly, it is very effective and safe. This is especially true for darker skinned individuals who would not normally be candidates for laser procedures.”

So far, I’ve only had two session and it has proven to be extremely effective. I’m a fan. No-shave November, I’m ready for you!

Ready to give laser hair removal a try? If you live in Miami or even Peru, give Touch Laser Med Spa a call and book your appointment. Use the code FLAIRMIAMI and get 20% off any procedure.

Before your visit, make sure to limit plucking and waxing for about 5-6 weeks before the treatment. Waxing and plucking temporarily removes the root of the hair, which is something to avoid since the laser actually targets the root. Also avoid sun exposure both before and after the treatment — sun exposure makes the process less effective.

Does it hurt? Hmmm. The pain varies but I’d describe it as small flicks on your skin. It’s not bad and it sure beats waxing. (That hurts like hell.) The first session is a little more painful than the rest, but afterward it’s smooth sailing.

Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (4)Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (3)Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (2)Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (11)Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (10)ZARA tank
OLD NAVY shorts (sold out)
MANGO sandals (similar below)
RAY BAN aviators


It’s official, the last days of summer have passed us by! But to my dismay, even though it is technically fall, the temperature outside is still an average of 90 degrees. Womp womp womp… Oh well. I guess I live in Miami for a reason, I am not complaining. Or am I? ;)

On another note… As I mentioned in my last post, Miguel and I officially ended our Summer in New Smyrna Beach. It was our first time there and we were both very impressed.  In fact, if you’re in need of a little getaway and you live in Florida — drive north for about three-and-a-half hours and check out this adorable historic town.

We stayed at quaint bed and breakfast just minutes from the beach. The staff was super helpful and breakfast was uh-mazing, gourmet and made to order.

During the day we were either plopped in the sand or discovering this historical little beach town by foot. While strolling along Flagler Avenue we found this Old-Florida shuffleboard park. I was swoon it was the perfect OOTD spot.

New_Smyrna_Beach (12)New_Smyrna_Beach (13)Side note: I don’t know about you, but am I the only one that has a hard time getting dressed in beach towns? Regardless of what I wear, I still feel like I’m always overdressed. When I’m purposefully trying not to be. (I don’t particularly want to look like a tourist.) Around town I wore a super comfortable swing dress and paired it with my favorite lace-up sandals. (I wear these sandals all the time, I’m surprised this is their first blog appearance.)
New_Smyrna_Beach (10) New_Smyrna_Beach (9)
TJ MAXX swing dress (similar below)
MANGO lace-up sandals (sold out)
New_Smyrna_Beach (3)

New_Smyrna_Beach (11)

New Smyrna’s main attraction is its 13 miles of powdery-soft sandy beaches.  Driving on the sand is allowed unless there are unusual high-tides.  As you drive, you can enjoy views of the ocean in one side and the preserved dunes park in the other. Absolutely stunning!

New_Smyrna_Beach_Sand (1) New_Smyrna_Beach_Sand (2)We were hoping to find some surf while being there. According to Surfer Magazine, NSB is ranked as one of the best surf towns in the world. But no luck! We surfed itty-bitty waves and made a silly video. Maybe I’ll share it, someday…

New_Smyrna_Beach_Sand (4)

If you do come visit, bring a surfboard. (Or you can also rent one.) Maybe while you’re here you’ll get lucky and actually catch some waves. If after your long surfing session you find yourself looking for good places to eat: For lunch, visit Cafe Heavenly for some delicious lobster rolls. And for dinner, enjoy some fantastic Asian cuisine blends at AA Garden Fusion.

Let me know if you go. Have a great weekend!


Just a few weeks ago on September 6, Miguel and I had the privilege of celebrating our seven year anniversary.

To celebrate and enjoy our last days of summer, we booked a last minute weekend getaway to New Smyrna Beach. The change of scenery helped us reflect on our personal journey and on marriage — our adventure of love.


Flair Miami_30FAB_Tshirts (13)

Flair Miami_30FAB_Tshirts (12)

However, with hurricane season upon us our getaway was delayed a week due to Tropical Storm Erika. If you are a Floridian, you know all too well how we prepare for storms around here. Sometimes, we rush to the stores and raid the canned goods, water and battery isles — while other times we just kick-back and bring out the board games as we wait for the storm to pass through. Let me tell you from experience, being prepared for a storm before it hits is always the wiser choice.

But in our day-to-day, how do we prepare for the storms of life? Because one of the things that what we’ve learned while being married is that every marriage is an adventure in adversity.

Flair Miami_30FAB_Tshirts (16) Flair Miami_30FAB_Tshirts (10)

What exactly am I talking about? Well, a few weeks back, Miguel and I attended Christ Journey Church as we normally do. Actually, it was just a couple of weeks before our anniversary that we heard this life-changing sermon on marriage. In this message, Pastor Bill White shared some of the most practical marriage advice we’ve heard in a while. It was note worthy, applicable and definitely worth sharing. The message was so helpful that I had to ask our pastor if I could share it with you. Here’s what I learned…

See in Ecclesiastes 4:12 it says “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” In the past I’ve heard teachers refer to that cord/strand as you, God and your significant other. And if you kept God at the center, that strand would withstand adversity. Though that concept still remains, our pastor dove a little deeper by also teaching about the three different types of love that can be found in Scriptures. Philia love – a friendly brotherly love. Eros love – an erotic love with physical desire and longing. And Agape love – an unconditional, abounding love. The combination of those three creating a storm-ready “not easily broken” marriage.

Marriage is a commitment of love and a promise to persevere even when times get hard — because as we know, hard times will come. In fact according to NY best-selling authors Dr. Les and Leslie Parrot, the average couple has 312 fights a year. (312?!? Yikes.) These fights can come from unspoken expectations (including money, sex, power), lack of communication, external circumstances (job loss, in-laws, kids) or past influences and/or experiences.

So what makes a strong marriage?

  • A strong marriage creates an emotionally safe environment. Philia love.
    It offers the safety of emotional friendship. It is a place where you feel loved, heard and are never judged.
  • A strong marriage is volitional and secure. Agape love.
    It consists of a strong willful commitment to make it work and make it fun. One feels safe knowing that your spouse is in it for the long haul.
  • A strong marriage is physically sensual. Eros love.
    It is a love that says I am all in with all of me.  You desire each other and are generous to one another sexually.

Flair Miami_30FAB_Tshirts (3)

His Look:
UNIQLO shorts
NIKE sneakers

Flair Miami_30FAB_Tshirts (2)

Her Look:
ZARA pants
LEVIS sneakers

Flair Miami_30FAB_Tshirts (1)

Images by: Yukiko Golfari • Akemi Photographic Design

Simply knowing all these things may help your marriage, but true change really comes down to action. So what can you do to better your marriage? Here are a few practical steps to help you cover the basics:

  1. Tend to your relationship with God. Because He is the source of unconditional love and forgiveness.
  2. Make time every day to connect with your spouse. Look and listen to each other and share an emotional connection. (Miguel and I call it our happy and crappy time. It is a time where we share the crappy and happy part of our days.)
  3. Make time every week to be together. Set a date-night and make it a priority. Not sure what to do? Make a list of favorite things to do (go on a bike-ride, take a walk, go to the movies). We’re foodies so we recently started a must-try restaurant list.
  4. Give each other a token of love every month. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Think flowers, a card, chocolates, a hand-written love letter, anything.  And don’t wait for an anniversary!
  5. Have a change of scenery or plan a getaway every quarter. It is not only refreshing, but in some circumstances it can allow you to talk and focus on things you otherwise wouldn’t have time for.
  6. Be generous to each other sexually. Don’t neglect your physical relationship. Enjoy each other and love each other fully!

Flair Miami_30FAB_Tshirts (7) Flair Miami_30FAB_Tshirts (6) Flair Miami_30FAB_Tshirts (4)
No marriage is perfect and our relationship is definitely not the exception. Through this post I am by no means trying to portray a perfect marriage. In fact, everything that I’ve just shared with you, Miguel and I are learning to put into practice ourselves.

In fact, if you personally know us, you also know that we’ve had a fair share of ups-and-downs, because again — no marriage is perfect. (If anybody tells you otherwise, find new friends. Ha!) The positive side to it all is that good habits build a healthy marriage. With time and by God’s grace we learn that in order for a marriage to withstand adversity we must first surrender it to God and then do everything we can to tend to it with our time, energy, money and full devotion.

Are you in a storm right now? Don’t quit. Fight for love. Because a wise friend once said, “Sometimes setbacks can be setups to something even greater!”

PS: Still have questions? Feel free to let me know if I can be of any help to you in this topic. I love praying for my married friends and I get so excited to see God’s hand in every circumstance — good and bad.

PSS: If you and your significant other want to have matching three-o-fab tees like us. (305 /30fab get it?) Use the code FLAIRBESTIES at checkout and get a 20% off discount!


Don’t tell summer, but I think I’m getting over him.

Usually, I’m a big fan of sunny days and bright beach days. Maybe its the fact that I am now a puppy owner and I have to walk him every 2-3 hours in the scorching heat. Anyway, I think its fair to say that I am officially sick of this humidity. I’ll admit it –I’ve been crushing on fall!

Are you with me? Because the only thing better than enjoying the great outdoors on a cool day is the joy of layering and wearing long sleeves and cool coats — that and a cool breeze is good enough for me!

While we wait, join me in creating a lustful list of fall must haves 2015.




  1. The Trench. Personally, if I could own a trench coat in every color, I would. Ask any editor and they’ll tell you that this may very well be the most versatile and timeless piece in your closet. I’ve been eyeing trench coats for a while now, tan ones, pink ones and even white ones. Want to know how many I currently own? Zero. Why? Well for one, I live in Miami (but I still want at least one) and two, I cant decide if I want the classic camel-colored topper or a soft pop of pink.
  2. The Loafer. Even if the weather takes a while to cool, you can always kick-start your fall fashion with a classic loafer. This menswear-inspired shoe cycles in and out of style, but it always remains a staple for the gents. And since loafers have been around since the 1840’s, you can imagine designers are pushing the trend by mixing things up a bit. These days you can find loafers with chunky heels, bold colors and fearless finishes.
  3. The Leather Pants. Once only worn among rock stars, leather pants have slowly but surely made their way into mainstream wardrobes. Today, just about everyone can pull them off if they are styled appropriately. With a range of fits, styles and cuts the options are endless. Pair them with a tailored coat and a staple tee and you’re all set.
  4. The Ankle Bootie. If you have even somewhat of an inclination and love for fashion (and you totally do if you’ve read this far) an ankle boot is an absolute must! They are chic, comfortable and cool. However, if you’ are vertically challenged like me they can take some getting used to. Some people avoid wearing them because they can make your legs look wider and shorter. But, can I tell you a secret? If you scale them to your body proportions and match the color of the boot to your bottoms, you can rock them and avoid feeling self conscious.
  5. The Turtleneck. The sophisticated turtleneck look is always a classic. Nothing says fall/winter like a good turtle neck. My preference is to stick to solids and inject a pop of seasonal color by layering.
  6. The Flared Denim. Skinny jeans have ruled the denim industry for about 4-5 years now. It almost felt like no other denim cut or fit even existed. Fortunately for those of us who like options and variety, flared jeans are back! Embrace the 70’s trend and accentuate your waist with a higher cut. Pair them with tall-chunky wedges and you’ll feel like you have legs for days.
  7. The Blanket Scarf. Fashionistas and bloggers around the world are all about blanket scarves — and this exact scarf in particular. I jumped on the band wagon and actually got one last year and luckily it is still on point! (Wait, did I actually just use the term, “on-point”? Oh well, at least I didn’t say on fleek!) Anyway, if you’re going to get one don’t be intimidated by the large quantity of material. The bigger the better it, allows you to layer — wear it as a shawl, cuddle up like a blanky or just use it as a regular scarf. A very trendy on point scarf, hahaha!
  8. The Cape Coat. Okay, promise me you won’t overlook this awesome cape? This extremely stylish and ultra feminine piece is the perfect layering piece. I know that the idea of wearing a cape feels odd and the fact that it is a jacket without actual sleeves, seems rather useless. I promise it is extremely chic and undeniably glamorous. Plus here in Miami, who needs an actual coat with sleeves anyway? At least, go to a fitting room and try one on? If you don’t feel ultra stylish, I surrender all blogging rights. ;)
  9. The Cat-eyed Sunglasses. Sharp edges, a sophisticated look? What’s not to love? Whether you want to splurge with Tom Ford or just keep it frugal with ZeroUV, you can definitely find some cat-eye sunnies to fit your budget. Plus, a blast from the past is always fun and nostalgic, no? Ask your mom/grandma what she thinks of them?
  10. The Sleeveless Blazer. Call it what you call it, a sleeveless waistcoat, a sleeveless blazer, a sleeveless vest — the point is it is sleeveless and awesome! Again, this menswear-inspired piece can go seamlessly from day to night. Now known as the new tuxedo/suit, you can pair it with matching shorts or pants for an edgy yet breezy look. Sounds too trendy for you? Pair it with your favorite denims and you can accent any outfit with ease.

The staple shirtdress, a perfect blend of effortless chic and tomboy-meets-charm.

Shirtdresses aren’t necessarily a new trend, but they are so versatile and flattering for all body types that they keep coming back. (Actually, I don’t think they ever left.)

Plus, in this scorching Miami weather they are perfect for a grab-and-go breezy look. Whether it’s a straight-fit, drop-waist, or A-line, there is a shirtdress for everyone. And since my love affair with dresses isn’t just a spring or summer ordeal, this olive number is ready to slowly make its transition into Fall.

Want to know a secret? I found this little gem at T.J. Maxx for less than $20 it was a no-brainer — as soon as I saw it, I knew that it was coming home with me.

Traditional silhouettes like this one are so easy to dress up or down. Heading to a date night? Cinch the waist, grab some heels and add a statement necklace. Going to run errands? Lose the belt, embrace the loose fit and put on your favorite flats or some trendy kicks.

What’s your favorite way to wear this season’s staple shirtdress?

ShirtDress-10 ShirtDress-9

ZERO UV sunnies
T.J. MAXX dress
FRANCESCA’S necklace
MICHAEL KORS bag & watch
INSTYLE x NINE WEST gamin pumps



I know what you’re thinking, school is back in session and that must mean that summer is officially over!

Allow me to give you a small glimmer of hope… Summer is still here! And though we may very well be entering its last days, you technically still have till September 23 till Fall officially begins.

So why not make the best of it? Here are 6 ways to enjoy the last days of summer:

  1. Soak up the sun and spend some time outdoors. I know the sun isn’t everyone’s best friend, but a little vitamin D can actually be good for you. Pick a good book and plop down on the beach, or at a park. You’ll be glad you did.
  2. Book a last minute weekend getaway. I’m sure that traveling is easier when the kids are out of school. But did you know that it’s also more expensive? Rates tend to go down a bit once the kiddos are back in session. I know it’s easy to let busyness get the best of us, but don’t let it! Weekends are meant for rest and relaxation not errands. Go ahead, seize the weekend and book a quick and easy vacation. Maybe you can even make it a road trip?
  3. Watch a sunrise/sunset and snap a few pics. What it is about pink and orange skies that make them so refreshing and breathtaking? Maybe the fact that no human will ever have the power and ability to replicate them? The sky is God’s perfect canvas, so pick a time and day to just admire God’s perfection and His wonderful creation.
  4. Make your favorite summer recipe. Think back to your childhood days… What did you love making? Did something come to mind? Whether it’s a homemade ice cream or your favorite smoothie. Replicate it and sit back and enjoy.  Growing up, my sister and I loved making a no-bake strawberry mousse pie. Maybe I’ll make it and share the recipe soon.
  5. Have lunch outdoors and take a walk. A good meal is always a good mood booster, pair it with a pretty day and a breezy walk outdoors and you’re set.
  6. Wear something bold! Whether its a citrus lime or a bold blue, wear something that pops. Bold colors, patterns and necklaces are perfect for the summer.

This weekend, the hubby and I got started on our list. We had an outdoor brunch and enjoyed a walk around our neighborhood. Oh and I kind of did #6, I wore an awesome bold statement necklace from our friends at Happiness Boutique. (PS: They offer free shipping world-wide!)

How will you seize the last days of summer?

ZARA top
VINCE jeans
NINE WEST pumps (sold out)
ZERO UV sunglasses
clutch c/o NINE WEST
statement necklace c/o HAPPINESS BOUTIQUE



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The blogger world definitely has it’s perks. But have you ever found yourself wondering what being a blogger is really like? You know, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’m sure that at times, from a reader’s perspective it seems like all blogger’s lives are filled with glitz and glam. But I promise it’s not always like that. Sometimes, like in any other job things get tricky and annoying. Plus, it’s not always a joy to sit and be forced to blog your heart out. Here are a 5 things I wish I knew before I started blogging.

  1. People always know your business.
    I guess these days with the overuse of social media people know your business anyway (well, at least if you’re on it), but if you happen to be a blogger there’s an expectation to constantly be posting. Like once a day, everyday. Seriously! I can’t say that I abide by that rule, though at times I wish I did. Don’t get me wrong, I’m kind of a social media junkie, just ask any of my friends. Better yet, ask my husband. But I don’t always want people to know what I’m doing. What if I have nothing exciting to share?
  2. Your mailbox is never empty.
    On any given day you get hundreds of emails literally hundreds. About a quarter of them are worthwhile and the rest are either junk or people making random story pitches. Yes, it is nice getting goodies in the mail and yes, I love me a good brunch meeting. But sometimes I literally get lost in the abyss of just responding to e-mails, before you know it your days is almost over and all you’ve done is check/respond emails. Anyone else feel my pain?
  3. Writer’s block is real.
    I was always the kid that preferred writing a paper instead of filling out a scan-tron sheet. There’s just something so peaceful and soothing that takes place when you sit and write your thoughts down. But what if you have no thoughts? Better yet, what if you’re having a crappy day, or you’re just too sick to even get out of bed. I know the feeling all too well and it certainly isn’t fun. I’d say that writer’s block is a bloggers worst enemy. You just sit there, staring at a screen. You know you have to fulfill deadlines but you just stare aimlessly in hopes of a miracle. How do you beat it? I’ve found that it helps to have additional contributors/authors and to write posts ahead of time.
  4. At some point or another someone will steal your photos and/or identity.
    Though the internet is used as a public search engine, it doesn’t mean that any and all pictures you find on Google are free reign. Hopefully, we all know by now that using other people’s images and not giving credit is illegal. So what gives people the idea that stealing images from bloggers is okay? Better yet, why would someone go as far as creating a fake account and have the audacity to use your personal name and images? So rude! What can you do if this happens to you? Report, report, report! For the most part social media outlets are pretty good about helping you handle the situation, but be ready to give proof of identity and/or business legal names. How can you prevent this? Watermarking your images is one way, but again there are ways to get around watermarks. So, the choice is yours… Share with caution and just expect it to happen, or just get caught by surprise — like me.
  5. Blogging requires a willingness to learn.
    The number one advice you’ll hear in the blogging industry is to blog about something that you’re passionate about. Though that advice is 100% accurate, I’d say that having a willingness to learn is just as important. You may not be passionate about photography, SEO or HTML, but I promise that mastering these skills will improve your outcome. To be a good blogger you also have to be versatile. A great blogger is also an editor, a copy-writer, a photographer, a social media expert and most of all a learner.

There you have it, the blogging world unrated. So get ready, turn on your computer and blog your heart out. I promise it’s all worth it in the end.

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ZARA pumps

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Rather than buying cheap trendy items, my goal this year is to invest in good-quality timeless pieces. So, while I was moping around sick and in bed last week, I decided to make little Wednesday wishlist…

I lost my voice for at least 5 days last week, I was sick with who-knows-what, because I never actually went to the doctor. Instead, I self-diagnosed myself with laryngitis. For a talker like me, losing your voice for 4 days felt like an eternity.

There was one day in specific that I couldn’t even get myself to whisper. Miguel, my sweet husband, was in the same room and couldn’t understand a word I said — therefore, I resorted to communicating via texts and emails. Not as fun as it sounds, I promise.

The thing I later realized was that although I didn’t have a voice, I technically could have been catching-up on blogging and chatting up a storm with you online. However, I couldn’t even get myself to do that, I seriously had no energy. My body ached, I had zero appetite and my throat was on fire. Womp womp, cue the world’s smallest violin.

Guess what I did do? I gladly browsed the web and created a wish list… Don’t worry, I didn’t buy anything. But a girl can dream… Technically we still have 5 days left of the Nordstrom sale, right?

Here’s my Wednesday wishlist:

  1. DVF Purdette Romper – Tell me this romper isn’t precious? It’s so girly and dainty. I love it.
  2. Tory Burch Brody Bucket Bag – Oh and this bag! I’ve been eying it for a while now. I was hoping it would go on sale. No luck, yet.
  3. Current Elliot Denim Dress – It’s so hard to find a denim dress that fits well. The price is right for this Current Elliot dress. But I’m a little scared of the fit. Meh!
  4. Mac by Marc Jacobs Luna Bag –  This grained leather bucket bag makes my heart skip a beat. The zip side pockets and gold hardware give it just the right touch of glam.
  5. Halogen Olson Flats – These cute Valentino-look-alikes were originally $89, but right now they are only $59 at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Hurry get ’em while they last, unfortunately my size sold out. :(
  6. Zara Flowing Waistcoat – I did say that I would try to not shop at Zara anymore, but can you blame me if I make one more purchase there? Or two? Or three?
  7. Adidas Superstar Originals – Last but not least, these classic kicks are back! Man, I so wish I would have kept the ones I owned back in middle school. They are still just as fly, and I want them!

What’s on your wishlist?


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