It’s been a while since I’ve shared a recipe. I think the last one I shared was eons ago, probably my No Bake Energy Bites? Well, since I’ve been trying to savor the last days of summer — I got inspired to share an oldie but a goodie childhood favorite, I call it the No-bake Strawberry Mousse Pie. My sister and I used to make it all the time growing up, I’m pretty sure it was a Kraft recipe we found in the lid of a Cool Whip, but we’ve

I know what you’re thinking, school is back in session and that must mean that summer is officially over! Allow me to give you a small glimmer of hope… Summer is still here! And though we may very well be entering its last days, you technically still have till September 23 till Fall officially begins. So why not make the best of it? Here are 6 ways to enjoy the last days of summer: Soak up the sun and spend some time outdoors. I know the sun isn’t everyone’s best


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If I were a guy, I’d be one tiny little fella… It’s a little comical to even think of it honestly. Me as a man? Well, this past weekend I was kind of “one of the guys”, a few of our friends came over and we hung out at the beach. I basked under the sun next to my hubby, while the other fellas scoped out their surroundings. It was quite humorous actually, hearing their conversations and comments. Anyway, Tyler one of our friends whom you’ll get to meet in

The end of summer is near, and that means that fall is fast approaching! But let’s face it, Miami sun is here to stay (whether we like it or not) and though enjoying the beach all year long has its perks, it also has it’s downfalls. Sun damage. So, how do locals prevent sunburns and wrinkles? Flair Miami got the scoop from renowned dermatologist, Leyda Elizabeth Bowes M.D and she’s giving us some great insight. Q&A with Dr. Bowes 1. With Fall around the corner, should climate and weather affect

The blogger world definitely has it’s perks. But have you ever found yourself wondering what being a blogger is really like? You know, the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m sure that at times, from a reader’s perspective it seems like all blogger’s lives are filled with glitz and glam. But I promise it’s not always like that. Sometimes, like in any other job things get tricky and annoying. Plus, it’s not always a joy to sit and be forced to blog your heart out. Here are a 5

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