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Last year, after spending some time in California and New York. I thought to myself…Wow, Miami really has to step up their game in the souvenir department. Just about anywhere you go in Cali, they have a cool shirt design. Literally, anywhere… As for NY, the “I love New York” shirts are so simple yet so cute and recognizable.

Here on the other hand, Miami souvenirs are sooooo tacky and vulgar! I mean, sure we have the “I’m in Miami B!#*@” shirts. But seriously, who wants to wear that junk? Much less take it to someone as a souvenir gift.

I took matters into my own hands and decided to give Miami souvenirs some local love by making some hip Miami-inspired tees. They aren’t overly touristy, they’re cool enough that you’ll want to wear them as a local — perhaps even purchase them as gifts for your out-of-town folks.

I recruited the help of my sweet and dear friend Yuki, (the kick-butt designer and owner of Drops of Honey Design) and together we took on the challenge. About 17 days later, here you have it our first batch of tees. There will definitely be more to come, so stick around and feel free to chime-in with any ideas/requests.

Hope you like our three-o-fab designs, available for both men and women.

Three o Fab-19 Three o Fab-9Three o Fab-2

Three o Fab-11
Three o Fab-8NORDSTROM hat
FOREVER 21 necklace
ZERO UV sunnies
FLAIR MIAMI three-o-fab tank
GUESS jacket
ZARA shoes and shorts



Flair Miami t-shirts? What!?!

I could seriously throw up with all of the mixed emotions I feel right now. (I’m excited, I’m nervous, I feel like I am about to catch a cold, my body aches, I’m slightly dizzy and sluggish — but nonetheless, I am pumped!)

As a Miami lifestyle and fashion blogger, I’ve had so many opportunities that I really thought were unimaginable. Today, I am overjoyed to let you know that Flair Miami has a line of Miami-inspired tees!

Starting this Saturday, Flair Miami can be your one stop shop for Miami-inspired tees. We partnered with Drops of Honey Designs and together, we’ll be launching the line at this year’s Escape Miami 3 Style Lounge! The event is hosted by local blogger The Fashion Poet, The Shelbourne Wyndham Grand Hotel and Peroni US. At #EscapeMiami3 you can expect pop-up shops from brands like L*Space, Italia Independent, Bianca Coletti and many more… Oh yeah, let’s not forget Flair Miami. Ahhhh! Okay, let’s play it cool and pretend to not be so excited. Oh you know, it’s just a regular day…

So, if you’re around the Miami area for Swim Week festivities, escape the madness and join us at Escape Miami 3 for some complimentary brow and lash services, manicures, make-up applications and more. The place will be filled with interactive installations and free goodies, like a DIY flower crown station, fashion illustrations from The Architect of Style, and even live on-site cigar rolling and domino tables. (See fellas, I think of you too!)

Also don’t miss out on the poolside fashion show held at 2:30pm. There you’ll see the full collection of what’s available at our Flair Miami Shop. In the meantime here’s a sneak peek at one of the designs. PS: As of now, we have a total of 6 shirts — 3 for women and 3 for men. If you follow @FlairMiamiStyle on Instagram, you’ll get to see them all!














ZARA skort
KATE SPADE bag (similar)
KATE SPADE booties (sold out – similar)


Stick around for tomorrow’s post and I’ll fill you in on how the Flair Miami t-shirts line came to be and the awesome people we’re collaborating with!!!


Miami Beach White Dress-17

Miami Beach White Dress-16

Move over, little black dress because this little white dress is here to stay!

A simple little white dress should be a staple piece in every girl’s closet. It is incredibly versatile and it’s a great way to amp up your summer style.

I personally own a few white dresses, but they are all very different.  This little white dress was a recent purchase from one of my many online finds. Again, I took a risk and it was well worth it. I guess you can say I’m a gifted online shopper. Ah, who knew I had such talent. ;)

As you already know, I’m a big fan of dresses. They’re light, breezy and easy! Plus, this dress can go from beach-time to brunch-ready with a simple change of shoes. I added a pop of color and a light denim jacket — giving this simple look a stylish pop of flair. (Oh, and yes after a long hunt…. I found the perfect light denim jacket, and it was only $34! Thanks Old Navy!)

How do you wear your LWD?

Miami Beach White Dress-11

Miami Beach White Dress-9

Miami Beach White Dress-15RAY BAN aviators
SHEIN little white dress
OLD NAVY denim jacket
ZARA shoes (sold out)



The weekend comes to an end and a new week awaits. Feelings of stress, anxiety, perhaps even sadness start to arise, and we call it the Monday blues… But why is that a bad thing? Is it possible to change our perspective?

Today, I’m changing mine. I resolve to bask in Monday and all its glory, even it’s blues. ;)

I know what you’re thinking… ” Easy for you to say! Don’t you work from home?” Actually, I do and sometimes working from home is kind of boring. Yeah, I too have deadlines and a set of tasks to accomplish. But working from home takes a lot more discipline than you think, specially when you’re a chatterbox like me. I need to intentionally schedule some social interactions, I find that it actually helps stimulate my mind.

Anyway, today I am super excited to welcome Monday and even more, I am extremely pumped about what July has in store. Stay tuned and save the date for July 18! I’ll spill the beans soon. Promise!

Oh yeah, and did you notice the Flair upgrade? Take that Monday!

How are you beating the Monday blues?








OLD NAVY denim vest
TJ MAXX muscle tee & necklace
FOREVER 21 shorts (similar)
H&M bucket sneakers (sold out)
MICHAEL KORS bag (similar)
sunglasses c/o ITALIA INDEPENDENT (similar)


Oh, the matching trend! I love that fact that it has gone from cool, to un-cool, and now back to cool!

This chic look is definitely summer’s must have, the matching sets trend. These coordinated pieces can be worn by all ages and can help you look vibrant and youthful — just in time for the summer.

Even within the trend itself, the options are endless. There is subtle prints, loud prints, high-cuts, low-cuts, crop tops, midi-skirt, shorts, to even high-fashion sets. Play with the options and find a style that is suitable for you.

I found this ensemble while browsing online. My husband likes to call it the “Greek princess-look.” ;) When I bought it, I wasn’t sure if it was even going to fit, or if I would be happy with the quality and material. But it was so affordable that I had to give it a try… To my surprise, yet another online purchase that I love!

The great thing about matching sets is that you can wear the pieces separately and have versatile options.








ZAFUL crop top and short suit
MICHAEL KORS handbag (similar)
NINE WEST sandals (sold out – similar)

Looking for other matching sets? Here are a few others I found.

After realizing how much I shop at Zara, I decided to take a small break from malls and other large retailers. I wish I could tell you that I haven’t shopped all month, but that would be a lie.

However, what I can tell you is that I’ve found quite a few affordable online stores. Not on purpose, I just happen to stumble upon them while browsing the internet and working from home.

Actually, for those of you that didn’t know, I’m officially a full-time blogger!

It’s been about a month since I decided to step down from my job at Christ Journey. I have a few fun projects lined-up, can’t share them just yet – but soon enough I’ll spill the beans. Promise. Anyway, in the meantime I’m also doing a little freelance writing and brand consulting.

I’m not sure how I feel about the whole “working-from-home” part, just yet. I’m very much a social being, therefore, human-interaction is pivotal. ;) 

But, on yucky cloudy days that prevent me from working out of a coffee shop, I find myself taking breaks and browsing the web — finding tons of affordable online stores. You know, do a little work, take a little break, browse. Yikes! What have I gotten myself into?

The good news, is that they are actually super affordable! Here are a some of my finds…

  1. 2020 Ave
  2. Dorothy Perkins
  3. She In
  4. Zaful
  5. Modilly
  6. Missguided
  7. Choies
  8. Oasap
  9. UrbanOg
  10. A’gaci

I must admit, I’ve always been a little hesitant to shop online. I’m a feel and try-on kind of shopper. A few days back, I took a chance on a few items, and so far so good. I’ll let you know what I think as the other pieces arrive. For now, here’s a look at my first order.







ZARA clutch
CHARLES by CHARLES DAVID wedges (similar)
ZERO UV sunglasses
LAUREN HOPE earrings c/0 Rocksbox

Last week, I did a little Spring cleaning… I browsed through my closet for a few hours trying to decide what I actually wear vs. what just sits there collecting dust, and taking up precious closet-space.  Though I normally find things like sorting, and cleaning quite therapeutic — after completing my purging process, I came to the sad realization that I’m a little too Zara obsessed. Womp, womp, womp!

I mean, it wasn’t a total surprise. Zara has always had a special place in my heart. In fact, if I truly confess, there have been countless times that I’ve wanted to shoot an outfit post, but I hold back because I’m dressed in Zara from head-to-toe.

“How boring, people are going to think I’m Zara obsessed,” I often tell my husband.

Well, I kind of am… (Can you blame me? Zara clothes fits so well!)

Anyway, there you have it, a head-to-toe Zara look…

In the meantime, I’ll try to expand my horizons and shop in different places, do you have any suggestions?

Zara Obsession-8

Zara Obsession-6

Zara Obsession-9

Zara Obsession-14

ZARA top
ZARA skirt
ZARA sandals
ZARA clutch
FOREVER 21 sunnies

Working out isn’t always fun. But what if I told you that you can kick-start your fitness goals with a little fashionable ensemble? And, that it’s also a frugal find! Yep, I found (well, my dear friend Georgia told me about…) the perfect way to be both fashionable and fit, introducing, Fabletics an online retailer for affordable and chic workout apparel!

The company has been around for a little over a year, Fabletics is an online subscription retailer that offers men’s and women’s (fashionable and quality material) active-wear.

“With Fabletics, we want to create a community, a movement to help you live fit and achieve your passions…” says Hudson.

The rom-com celebrity is now also a savvy and empowering business owner and brand ambassador. Plus, when it comes to being fabulously fit, Kate Hudson sure does set the tone. As co-founder of the company, she is definitely a “fitspiration” to many.

With brands like Lululemon, Mondetta, and Athleta, regular athletic gear has now taken a turn from good ol’ tees and shorts — toward a more quality-fashion fitness apparel.

But, my favorite part of Fabletics is its flawless true-to-size fit. (You know, I have short-girl problems… And finding workout pants I don’t have to hem is a huge win!) The brand offers an array of size options and is comprised of the most high-performance, quality materials. Their prices are affordable and every month, members receive a brand-new personalized outfit curated by their stylists.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free to join? Check it out today!



Vannia-FlairMiami-562015(61)  Vannia-FlairMiami-562015(67)


LIMA capri
VAASA sports bra
BROOKS running shoes



Let’s face it! We all have bad days. You know, days that you simply want to stay in bed and do nothing. Slowly but surely, reality sets in… The alarm goes off and it’s time to get up and get back to the daily grind. Though we are all entitled to a bad day, or two, there are a few healthy habits that can prevent these bad days from taking over our lives.

Lately, I’ve had some time to reflect/observe women that I admire and respect. I’ve come to realize that happiness doesn’t just happen, it’s a choice you make… A daily choice, you wake up and choose joy! Each and every day…

There are a few ways to choose happiness and prevent you from feeling like you’re in the dumps, here are 5 habits of a happy woman:

Casual Stripes 3

  • Happy women deal with their emotions.
    Dealing with your emotions doesn’t mean sulking nor suppressing. Though setbacks come your way, happy healthy women know how to feel, deal and then let it be. Certain situations call for damage control, while others simple are what they are. Happy women don’t run away from feeling, instead, they deal with their pain, sorrow, or stress. And, it is because they’ve dealt and coped with their feelings (in a healthy manner, or with a counselor) that they are able to bounce back.

Casual Stripes 4

  • Happy women count their blessings, not their burdens.
    Be thankful for what you have and you’ll find yourself complaining less and appreciating more. Negativity drains, while positivity and a grateful spirit fills the heart with joy.
    “…When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
    Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
    And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.” – Johnson Oatman Jr.

Casual Stripes 5

  • Happy women thrive in community with other women.
    As women, we are genetically-hard wired for relationships and friendships. According to a UCLA study on friendships, in a time of despair, women deal with stress differently than men, due to the oxytocyn levels that are released in our bloodstream. Men, tend to retrieve or fight back, while women, often seek comfort and affection. Kaplan’s study suggests that, “Friendships between women are special. They shape who we are and who we are yet to be. They soothe our tumultuous inner world, fill the emotional gaps in our marriage, and help us remember who we really are.”

Casual Stripes 6

  • Happy women make time for a creative outlet.
    We’re all creative in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s drawing, crafting, cooking, writing, knitting, song-writing, you name it. The opportunities are endless, find your niche and set time for it. Not sure you’re creatively gifted? What do you enjoy doing? Just do more of that! Make time for yourself and thrive in it. Who says you have to be good at it? Just do it and have fun, I promise you’ll reap the emotional rewards anyway.

Casual Stripes 1

  • Happy women give.
    You’ve heard it said, “it is better to give than to receive.” And, as much as I enjoy getting a good gift, I love even more the pleasure of giving and witnessing the reaction of the person receiving. The path to a happy life is regularly giving of your time, energy, love and resources. By giving and caring for one another we not only help humanity but it also helps our well being.

    Because after all, life isn’t just about surviving, it’s about THRIVING!

    Casual Stripes 3
    BETSEY JOHNSON sunnies
    THEORY jacket
    ZARA dress
    TORY BURCH sandals
    3.1 PHILLIP LIM x TARGET bag
    NECKLACE from a boutique in Spain

Last but not least, happiness often comes from treasuring great memories, and in honor of Flair Miami’s anniversary month,  we have yet another giveaway! Your very own styled and photographed session with Then-Gea Photography and FlairMiami. To enter the drawing, be sure to follow @Then-GeaPhotography and @VanniaEnriquez on Instagram and enter your information on the widget below, winners will be announced May 22!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

One of the reasons I love fashion is because it allows individuals to express their own unique style and personality. What begins as just a vision, slowly becomes a work of art you can wear. All you have to do is pair the right pieces together — because after all, it is all in the details.

As a fashion blogger, it’s no surprise that I find the process so fun. Searching for the right fit, style, and color — there’s a sense of gratification when it all comes together. Some may call it vanity or trivial, but I strongly believe that fashion has the ability to accentuate a person’s inner beauty and boost their self-esteem.

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ve probably noticed that I try not to spend a ton of money on clothes. For the most part, I shop at Zara (Actually, I shop way too much at Zara. I need to stop), Nordstrom Rack, even H&M and Forever 21. However, sometimes, I make exceptions and splurge on a few pieces. Don’t get me wrong, by splurge I mean a few hundreds. Not thousands!

Plus, I’m an avid believer that the right accessories can make, or break an outfit. Don’t you agree?

Lately, I’ve had an itch for a nice bag, or a good pair of shoes. So, instead of splurging I made a Mother’s Day gift guide with some very chic handbags and shoes ranging from $50-$500.

Think of them like the perfect finishing touch — because remember,  it is all in the details.

Be sure to click on the side arrows to see all my selections. Trust me, you’ll have one happy mom!

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