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Have you seen the latest trend in hair flair? Allow me to introduce to you the stylish satin elastic hair ties.

Not only do they prevent those annoying ponytail creases and tears, but they also look just as cute when worn on your wrist. Not sure where to find them? You can snag some at a few high-end retail stores, but they’ll cost you upwards of $2 each. Original creators, Emi-Jay, sell them for about $2.40 each, and even popular clothing stores are starting to stock their shelves.

For a limited time, Flair Miami is partnering with our friend Hana Espinosa to give you inside access to this new trend at a bargain price. Not sold yet? What if I told you your purchase would be going directly towards helping a family adopt a precious little child from China. Hana’s sister, Katie is in the process of adopting a special-needs child from an orphanage in China. Katie is once again following God’s prompting to adopt and clings to James 1:27 as it says, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

Every penny spent on these hairties will go directly towards Katie and her family’s adoption process. How can a $1 hairtie make that much of a difference? Your purchase can help chip away the costs of medical procedures, travel arrangements, and food. Your purchase will make a difference. A palpable difference. One child’s life will be forever changed – brought out of an orphanage where he/she is just another child left behind and carried to a forever family who will love and nurture him/her as one of their own.

Interested in getting your hands on these trendy hair ties while making a difference in someone’s life? We currently offer 14 different color options of the satin-handmade ties. Each are sold separately for a limited time price of $1 each.  All satin colors are also available as headbands for $4 each, but remember supplies are limited. Be sure to place your orders soon.  (Two glitter options are also available: hairties $2, headbands $6.)

To place your orders contact

Color options: Silver glitter on black, black glitter on black, plum, blue, jade, turftan, beige, gold, ivory, mint green, neon green, neon orange, neon pink, passion fruit pink, tulip pink, silver.


If your hair is anything like mine, I’m more than certain that you’ve had your share of bad hair days. Maybe you brushed your curls out because you didn’t know any better; or you lathered it with more than a handful of good ol’ (and by good I mean gross) LA Looks gel. Didn’t we all? All the cool kids were doing it back in the 90’s…

Or perhaps you thought your curly girl problems were solved the day you discovered a blow dryer and/or a hair iron. Think again! After years and years of fighting my curls, I’ve not only learned to work with them, now I embrace them and even love them.

Still not sure how to tame that mane? Here’s a quick guide on how to style curly hair…

  1. I hydrate my curls by using only sulfate and silicone free products. My current favorite is DevaCurl. I’ve tried quite a few, but I’ve stuck with this one the longest. I cleanse my hair with their No-Poo Shampoo. I moisturize with the One Conditioner, and style with the Angel Gel and Set It Free.
  2. I never use a brush or a comb, and when I say never I mean it! I only untangle my hair by running my fingers through it with conditioner and in the shower.
  3. I only use alcohol-free gels. All other gels will dry out your curls causing them to friz even more.
  4. I wash my hair with shampoo only twice a week, every other time I only use conditioner. Your curls need all of their natural oils to maintain and enhance the curl in each strand. This habit may be the hardest to change, but I encourage you to give it a try! Click here to buy a DevaCurl Try Me/Travel Kit.
  5. Last but not least, before styling and in order to prevent friz I dry my hair using a microfiber towel. The most important thing is to not use a terrycloth towel, it absorbs all the moisture that your curls need. Instead of wrapping my hair I flip my head forward and I scrunch with an upward motion.
  6. Once the hair is towel dried I begin styling with the products in the same manner.
  7. After I’ve styled my curls I let them air dry and voila!

Interested in learning more? Read Curly Girl: The Handbook.

Find your curl type and discover a whole new head of curls!

The secret is out… The hubby and I are going to be parents! Ahhhh, we are beyond excited!

But, along with the excitement also comes questions and concerns. From what I’ve observed, parenting is not for the faint of heart… And we are both well aware of that, it’s probably the main reason why we took our time adding kids into the mix in the first place.

I’ve personally never understood people who paint parenting as an easy and peachy picture. So, as far as parenting and truth-telling goes, you can expect me to be on the blunt side of things.

As for my first official pregnancy/parenting post, I decided to give you a peek into my brain.

Here are 10 real questions of a first-time mom:

  1. Why are so many first-time parents shocked at how hard the first 3 months are? Maybe I’m the odd one out, but the very thought of being a parent makes me nervous, especially the first few months scratch that, more like the entire first year. Being responsible for the life of another human? That’s scary.  And the first 3 months (get ready for my bluntness) seem like pure torture! Your body is recovering from the whole birthing process (which already freaks me out) and now you have to tend to another human every minute and hour of your day? And he/she spends most of its time latched onto you, what part of that seems easy?
  2. Will I ever be able to sleep again? I’m almost pretty sure that the answer to this question is a big fat NO! At least for a long time. But really!? Like, really? Can I pray to not be sleep deprived and be blessed with a child who loves sleep as much as I do? One can only dream…
  3. How in the world will I function without sleep? I’m the kind of person that gets grouchy when I don’t get my full 8-9 hours of sleep. Over time, I’ve tried to wake up earlier and enjoy more of my early mornings, but if I know I have to wake up earlier — I also go to bed earlier. Why? Because I need my beauty sleep. So, how exactly does one function with only 3 to 4 hours of sleep a day?
  4. Have my abs forever left the building? Watching your body change through the process of pregnancy is an interesting/fascinating/scary process. The fact that a child is being formed inside of me is both a miraculous and scary process. Don’t worry, I’m not expecting to go home in my skinny jeans after giving birth but I would like to someday fit into them again. Yes, I know the question may seem superficial and trivial but it’s a real question. Will I go back to normal? I’m hoping muscle memory is real and though I know my weight may be distributed differently post-baby, I’m still hoping to be able to feel confident post-pregnancy.
  5. Will every room in my house turn into a baby room? Toys, high-chairs, swings, pampers, rocking chairs, baby clothes. Ah! Why do babies come with so much stuff? And how do I prevent them from taking over my house? If you’ve ever visited the Enriquez household you can attest to the fact that everything has its place. Not because we’re overly clean or neat, but because we have to use our space wisely. We live in a one bedroom apartment in South Beach, we can’t really afford to hoard stuff, which I think is a good thing. But what do I do with all the baby stuff?
  6. Do I really need a mom car? I have a 4-door sedan, a Mazda 3 to be exact. Do I really need a van or SUV? Other than a car seat, diaper bag and stroller what else do I need the extra room for?
  7. What if I don’t fall in love with my newborn right away? I’ve always said that if I could give birth to a 1 or 2-year-old (though that would be extremely painful) I would have probably had kids a lot sooner. Toddlers are so fun and energetic. I love them! But, personally newborns aren’t all that exciting to me. In fact, I find them quite boring they don’t do anything. (I warned you that I would be honest.) They’re not yet fully alert, you have to be super gentle with them, and at first they don’t even smile. They’re so fragile that I’m scared of breaking them. I’m really hoping my motherly instincts kick-in as soon as I hold my child for the first time. But what if they don’t?
  8. Will I really stop liking and buying heels? I’m all about a cool pair of sneakers and pretty flats, but show me the right heels or wedges and I’ll toss comfort to the curve. Though from what I hear, moms slowly start losing their love for heels and start becoming more fond of flats. Is that a real thing? Or is it just practicality?
  9. Does parenting require me to finally grow up? I’ve always been a kid-at-heart. I enjoy a good laugh, a dance-off, being silly, playing in the park and doing things that sometimes test the limits. I love random adventures and meeting new people. Does this make me immature? Let me ask a better question, do I have to grow up and become boring now?
  10. Does it make me a bad parent if I don’t put my child first? Growing up in a Latino household I often heard the saying “los hijos son la prioridad  y lo mas importante de tu vida.” (Translation: Your children should always be your first priority and the most important part of your life.) Maybe it’s due to the fact that I was raised in a single-parent home where my mother had to play both mom and dad, work hard and even give up some of her aspirations in order to raise my sister and I. My mom is truly a blessing and I am ever so thankful for everything that she has done and continues to do for us. But sometimes, I wonder what would her life be like today if she had the help of my father? What would it look like to do this as a team with God at the center? The more I think of that, the more I vow to not make children my top priority. Instead, I promise to be a woman who first and foremost seeks God. Secondly, I promise to love, honor, and respect my husband and not give him my dirty seconds. I promise to love and cherish my child ever so dearly and I also know that the best way to do that is to raise him in a Godly-centered home and be able to be parents that love and care for each other as much as they do for him.  Eventually, I know that someday this child will leave and start a new family, and hopefully we’ll have set a good example to help him mold his future.

Well, there you have it a brain dump of all my questions. Feel free to agree, disagree, answer or not! All I know is that I will take all the advice I can get.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy the pregnancy process and keep playing dress-up with my growing bump. Thanks for helping me have a stylish baby bump!

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Ever since I’ve cut my hair I’ve had quite a few strangers ask me what I use to style my curls. In case you too are wondering, I did a post about it here a while ago.

But I didn’t always know how to manage my curls.  In fact, through the years I’ve had a love hate relationship with my hair. You know, typical curly girl problems…

About 6 years ago, I chopped my hair into a bob and decided it would be a good idea to blow dry it and iron it everyday. After all, the pin straight look was in and hair was just hair. Right?

Wrong! After a year of blow drying my hair got so fried and damaged that I eventually started losing my curls. I kind of panicked! After months of deep-conditioning, hair treatments and tender love and care I finally had a girl meets curl moment.  The curls slowly began to grow back and I was enthused!

Since then I’ve only blow dried my hair once. Sounds drastic huh? Well it was, but I had finally embraced the fact that I was a curly girl and I loved it!

I may or may not blow dry it soon just to see how it looks. But for now, the only change I need is a fresh new cut!
Styling an army jacket-7 Styling an army jacket-10 Styling an army jacket-19

FOREVER 21 utility jacket (similar)
TOMS x Target  Collab shoes (similar)
KATE SPADE bag (similar)
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Whether you realize it or not, eyebrows play a pivotal role in beauty. They frame the eyes, nose and overall face structure. While some brows are less exciting than others (ahem, mine are normally pretty lame). I’ve realized just how a simple shaping can give you a whole new look. Say hello to brows that wow!

I consider myself to be a beauty minimalist, maybe even an amateur. I’m not the girl with flawless make-up or perfect brows. On a regular basis, I throw on some mascara, blush and then out the door I go.  But Miami’s eyebrow shaping expert, Mayra Artze Mata of Mayra’a Art Beauty may slowly be changing my ways.

I visited Mayra at her new Coral Gables location inside Zen Hair. I had heard wonders about Mayra. In fact, a ton of  Miami fashion bloggers have brows that wow because of her. But since I wasn’t blessed with bushy arches. (Yes, I think bushy brows are a blessing, have you seen Cara Delevingne?) I normally opt to keep my few strands, let’s just say I had yet to find someone I could trust with my brows. Mayras_Art_Brows_That_Wow-1 Mayras_Art_Brows_That_Wow-2
Mayra is a brow expert and has been in the industry for over 15 years. She is very enthusiastic about her work and finds it rewarding to see her clients looking and feeling their best. Her arch-shaping technique helped give my brows some dimension and even appeared to lift my eyes a bit. 

Wondering how much it costs? You can expect to pay $35 or $45. ($45 for the brow guru herself, or $35 for a technician trained by her.) Shaping technique lasts 4-6 weeks, which is twice as long as regular waxing.

The subtle change will not only enhance your look, but it will also add a youthful glow. Give it a try. Your eyes will love it, and your face will thank you for it!

  Mayras_Art_Brows_That_Wow-5 Mayras_Art_Brows_That_Wow-4 Mayras_Art_Brows_That_Wow-3Mayras_Art_Brows_That_Wow-7Mayras_Art_Brows_That_Wow-6 Images: A Head Over Heels


It’s inevitable! For most women, hair removal is part of our everyday routine. Tweezing, shaving, waxing, the methods may actually vary for different areas of our body.

But does no shave November also apply to women? Okay, okay… Maybe it sounds like I’m about to cause an upheaval and empower women to embrace their fur. Trust me, that’s not my plan. Ew!

But I must admit, I’ve always been a little envious of the fact that men don’t have to shave their legs. I guess as a girl, society expects you to always be hair free. And while shaving your legs seemed like the coolest thing ever in sixth grade, nowadays I dread it. The reality is that the older you get the less exciting it becomes. Now I see it as more of a chore. Don’t you?

For a really long time, I contemplated the idea of laser hair removal. But I was too cheap to go to a spa and commit to buying a package, so instead I tried an at-home-equipment. I researched these gadgets like a mad woman and after finally committing to one and using it a few times, I wasn’t impressed.

Having already embarked on a mission to be hair-free, I jumped on the bandwagon and finally committed to an actual package at Touch Laser Med Spa.  I started with my full bikini and then decided to also include my legs. After just one session, I saw about 70% less hair growth.Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (13)Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (7)
Touch uses The Candela GentleYAG® laser system which is top-of-the-line equipment. It requires no gel and is safe for all skin types. According to experts, “The infrared laser delivers invisible energy deep into the skin. By heating its targets slowly, it is very effective and safe. This is especially true for darker skinned individuals who would not normally be candidates for laser procedures.”

So far, I’ve only had two session and it has proven to be extremely effective. I’m a fan. No-shave November, I’m ready for you!

Ready to give laser hair removal a try? If you live in Miami or even Peru, give Touch Laser Med Spa a call and book your appointment. Use the code FLAIRMIAMI and get 20% off any procedure.

Before your visit, make sure to limit plucking and waxing for about 5-6 weeks before the treatment. Waxing and plucking temporarily removes the root of the hair, which is something to avoid since the laser actually targets the root. Also avoid sun exposure both before and after the treatment — sun exposure makes the process less effective.

Does it hurt? Hmmm. The pain varies but I’d describe it as small flicks on your skin. It’s not bad and it sure beats waxing. (That hurts like hell.) The first session is a little more painful than the rest, but afterward it’s smooth sailing.

Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (4)Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (3)Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (2)Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (11)Zara_Tank_Old Navy_Shorts_ootd) (10)ZARA tank
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Olive oil, argan oil, avocado oil, sesame oil… The options and choices for oils these days are endless. Plus, vegetable oil, and canola oil are so passé.

But, once in a while we get introduced to products that capture our attention and change our lives — oh, the endless ways to use coconut oil.

It’s no secret that coconut oil is all the rage, but what’s the big deal, really? And what can you actually use it for?

This household item is incredibly versatile and can actually do some pretty amazing things. The best part is that it is affordable (I get mine from Trader Joe’s for $5.99) and can easily become an all-in-one staple product in any home.

Here are 10 easy ways to use coconut oil:

  1. Cooking. Known for being a great medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA) coconut oil is perfect for cooking and frying at high-heats. Although high in saturated fat, coconut oil can withstand higher temperatures, allowing it to also keep its nutritional value.
  2. Moisturizing. Coconut oil is safe for all skin types, and easily penetrates the skin. Apply a thin layer to your skin for an anti-aging moisturizer filled with Vitamin E & antibacterial/antioxidant goodness.
  3. Coffee Creamer. Replace half and half, milk and creamers for a tablespoon of coconut oil. You’ll get just the right amount of flavor plus an extra boost of energy.
  4. Oil Pulling is a natural and traditional teeth whitening method. Place 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil in your mouth, swish it around for 15-20 minutes, spit (into a trash can to avoid clogging), rinse and brush. Repeat daily, for about a month and over time, this will whiten your teeth, cleanse your gums and boost your oral health!
  5. Body Scrub. If you’re into DIY projects, coconut oil will be your new best friend. Mix 1/2 cup of coconut oil with 1/4 cup of granulated brown sugar, and you’ve got yourself the perfect homemade body scrub. For an added hint of scent, feel free to add some citrus zest or a few drops of essential oil.
  6. Deodorant. Let’s get real… Nobody wants body odor. But like many products and antipersiporants, the deodorant you buy at your local drug store is most likely filled with aluminum, parabens and a bunch of other junk that’s not good for you. But fear not, coconut oil, can satisfy all your armpit needs as it also kills off bacteria and yeast. All you need to make your own deaodorant is baking soda, root powder, and of course coconut oil. Here’s a great recipe you can follow.
  7. Hair Conditioning. Coconut oil also works as a great deep-conditioning treatment on either wet or dry hair, it’s 100% natural and free of silicones and other harsh chemicals that can damage your hair.  Just massage a few tablespoons to dry or damp hair, comb through hair from roots to ends, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes with a shower cap. For dry damaged hair, you may also sit under a dryer and apply low-heat.
  8. Lip balm and lip scrub. Dry chapped lips? You guessed it, dab a little coconut oil overnight and it does the trick. Flaky lips? Mix it with some sea salt for the perfect lip scrub.
  9. Shaving. Toss that shaving cream that leaves you all itchy and is overly scented, replace it with some good ol’ coconut oil. Rub a generous amount on your legs, shave and rinse. Once you’re done, you won’t even need to apply lotion.
  10. Eye make-up remover.  No rubbing or tugging required, coconut oil gently glides through your skin removing all the unwanted eye-makeup, all while moisturizing your skin.

Do you know of any other uses that I haven’t mentioned? Share them with us and let us know…

You’re sitting across the room with a few friends or sometimes strangers… Catching up on life and hearing how time has flown since you last saw each other… Then the subject slowly and not so subtly changes to children. Hello pressure to become a mother and start having babies.

“Oh wow, you’ve been married for such a long time and you still don’t have kids?”
“Do you even want kids?”
“You do know that it gets risky after 30, right?”

Oh, the pressure to become a mother… It comes from friends, family, in-laws. strangers, and even co-workers. So, let’s start off this questionnaire game by returning the favor and asking you a few questions…

  1. Why do you feel the need to remind me that I don’t have kids?
    Yes, I’m married. Yes, it’s been almost 6 1/2 years. Are you implying that I am not fully a woman unless I bare children? Or, did I miss the rules to a happy marriage book? Did it say that in order for me to be thriving, fulfilled and happy I HAVE to have kids? What about women who haven’t been as “lucky” as you have and are still searching for “the one”? Are they doomed to failure? How do you think hearing you voice your thoughts makes them feel?
  2. If I tell you that I don’t want kids, will you think less of me?
    To answer your question, yes, I do want kids, yes, maybe sooner than later. But what if I didn’t? What if I wanted to focus on my career and not have additional responsibilities? Just because I have a womb, does that mean every woman is called to be a mom? Personally, I’ve met some pretty crappy moms, did someone force them into parenting with these kind of silly questions? I don’t care to be a mom because it fulfills a social expectation. I want to have children to be able to shower them with love and cherish every minute with them. Not because you advise it, but because it is a decision that my husband and I have made together.
  3. When did talking about my uterus become a dinner-appropriate conversation?
    Ah yes, the biological clock conversation… Sorry to burst your bubble, stranger. But you are not the first person to “clue me in on this.” You are however, one of the many individuals who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Let’s talk facts. According to the Center of Disease Control, pregnancy rates are falling to a 12-year low among women in their 20’s, but not because of infertility, but by choice! In fact, figures from the Office of National Statistics show that in 2010 nearly half (48%) of all babies were born to mothers who were 30 and older. That’s over 318,298 births from women over the age of 30.  In addition, the percentage of women dealing with infertility in 2011 was a 10.9% – ages ranged from 15-44 year-olds. (Way past the 29 drop. Ahem.) But how would you feel if I answered your question and told you I was barren? That I’ve been trying for years and it just never happened for me? I have friends who have gone through multiple miscarriages and your imprudent questions are only hurtful reminders of past pains.

Now that I’ve made my point, allow me to say that I truly do admire all mothers. I have an amazing mom who has been an exemplary single mother and I am forever grateful for her love and care. The sleepless nights filled with loud cries, poopie diapers, toddler tantrums and smart-mouth remarks she endured, that’s the not-so-cute side of parenting. Right? But it’s the real-side. I know the hard work it took for her to raise my sister and I — and I am thankful she opened my eyes to reality.

In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying my sleep, my alone time with my husband. The fact that we can pick up and travel as we like. But I am also reeaaaaalllly enjoying my niece, my little cousins and my new-born godson. I get to be the “cool fun aunt” and they get to go home afterward. ;)

I love that I have friends who are thriving in parenting. Learning each lesson as it comes along. I love seeing the difference in parenting and taking notes from each.

I look forward to someday having my own little one, but I also would be perfectly okay if it isn’t part of God’s plan for Miguel and I. We haven’t officially started trying, but we’ve started talking about it. So thats a start… Right?

Now that you’ve read my rant. I want to introduce to you Santiago Pacheco, my godson.

Santiago Pacheco
Santi Pacheco

My best friend Christie is a new mom whom I love oh so dearly. She’s a hardworking woman who is determined to cover her little one in prayer and be the best mom she can be. She is a talented interior designer who wanted to create the perfect nursery for her little biscuit.

A space with a clean and modern vibe. Her hope is that Santiago would eventually grow into the design. Every piece she selected works not only aesthetically in the space, but can also accommodate Santiago’s future needs and daddy’s office.

Santi's Room-1

Santi's Room-2

Santi's Room-3

Santi's Room-5

Santi's Room-4

Santi's Room-11

Santi's Room-6

Santi's Room-7

Santi's Room-9

Santi's Room-10

STOKKE sleepi crib
GENIUS JONES blah blah mobile
IKEA drawers 
IKEA Kallax storage unit & bookcase
MONTE glider
55 DOWNING STREET desk chair

Now that you’ve made it to the end of this long post. In honor of Mother’s Day, Christie Ramos Pacheco and Flair Miami have teamed up to give you soon-to-be-moms the best gift yet! The chance to have your nursery personally decorated by none other than, Mrs. Pacheco herself.

Here’s how it works… You sign up using the Rafflecopter below. Follow me on Instagram @VanniaEnriquez and wait for the winner to be announced on Mother’s Day!

We will then set a budget and shop accordingly to make your nursery dreams come true! Enjoy and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


A few reasons why I blog and haven’t blogged… ;)

I’m back and I am breaking the silence!

I am so sorry for not blogging for a whole month. In my commitment to simplify things this year, I guess I literally could’t add any more things to my plate. Nonetheless, I am back with a plan and purpose!

During this past month: I went to Texas, got sick (like, had no voice kind of sick), spent some time with family, hosted and planned a women’s conference for over 150 people, was a guest speaker for a Podcast series, participated in Hispanicize 2015 (an annual event for Latino trendsetters and journalists), and attempted to maintain my relationships, home and chores in place… (Did I mention I am trying to simplify?)

Through it all, I realized how much I missed blogging, my breath of fresh air…

I don’t just see this whole blogging thing as a way to just journal my wardrobe or tell you what’s in style. In fact, though there are a lot of pictures of me it’s not really about me at all.


It’s about you! The readers. I’m here to hopefully inspire YOU!

I’m here to remind you that regular girls like me and YOU have a plan and a purpose. You don’t have to be 6 feet tall, toothpick-skinny with flawless complexion, to be confident in your own skin.

Just be you! Embrace your hair, your skin, your body type and be who YOU were made to be. Set goals and dream big dreams.

As much as I LOVE fashion, I don’t LIVE for fashion, nor do I let things own me.

Sometimes, I dress up, put on make-up and act poised and proper. While other times, I pull my hair back, wear comfy boyfriend jeans (that short girls “don’t look good in” and my husband hates) and skip around town, just because I can…


RAYBAN glasses
ZARA boyfriend shirt
7 FOR ALL MANKIND boyfriend jeans
ZARA shoes (similar)
watch c/o Q&Q
necklace c/0 H&M

Images: Then-Gea Photography

What do you do just because you can?


A big part of the reason why people don’t exercise is because they simply don’t know what to do. Questions arise and then the thought of a workout remains just a thought.

” Do I use weights? Where do I buy weights and how many should I buy? Do I have to use weights? Where do I start, and what kind of exercises can I do?”

Let’s simplify things a bit and start with a few bodyweight exercises that you can do just about anywhere. All of these exercises will strengthen your muscles and get your heart pumping. I’ll try to cover a little bit from every muscle group, from legs, arms and even some core.

The best part is, all you need is YOU! Ready to get this weight-free workout started? Let’s get to this!

  • Cardio. Start your workout with a light walk/run. You can do this for a total of 10-15 minutes. If you want to challenge yourself, find some stairs and run up and down for the entire time.
  • Running StairsWaking Lunge. Begin in a standing position, then step forward with one leg. Land on the heel then forefoot. Flexing your knees and hips – lower your bodyweight as you drop your back knee. Torso should remain upright. Drive through the heel of your front foot and extend both knees to raise yourself back to a standing position. Lunge forward with opposite leg. Adjust as necessary and listen to your body. Beginners should do 2 sets of 20. Advanced 3 sets of 50
  • Box jump squats. Find a sturdy bench or step. Stand with parallel feet – shoulder width apart. Start by doing a regular squat. Slowly lower your butt and hips, bending your knees as if you were going to sit on an imaginary chair. Engage your core and do an explosive jump onto the bench. Drop again to a squat. Press through the heels to return to a standing position. Jump down and repeat for a total of 3 sets. An alternative exercise to jump squats are regular squats, or wall squats. Beginners: 2 sets of 10. Advanced: 3 sets of 3
  • Decline push-ups. This exercise is an advanced version of a regular push-up. I recommend you only do this if you can do 5 or more regular push-ups. Start on your hands and knees. Lift your feet into position on either a bench or chair. Realign your body and make sure your body forms a straight line. In a controlled motion, slowly lower your upper body. Be sure to look up slightly — to avoid hitting your face. Beginners: 2 sets of 12. Advanced: 3 sets of 25.Decline push-up
  • Chair Dips. There are several variations of dips: bent, straight, and single leg dips. Work with your body and do what is suitable for you. Stand facing away from the bench or chair.  I will demonstrate a raised single-leg dip. Sit on the very edge of a bench or chair. Walk your feet out in order to be perpendicular to the floor – hands should be placed beside you. Bend your elbows 90 degrees as you slowly lower your body to the floor without touching it. Try to get your feet below your hips, squeezing your core while supporting your bodyweight with your arms.  Lift your weight up and repeat switching legs.  Beginners: 2 sets of 10. Advanced: 3 sets of 30.
    Bench Dips

 Be sure to stretch for a good 5-10 minutes after your workout. Stretching is very important, this will help your overall range of motion and can prevent injury and soreness.

For a healthier you and to see faster results, it is also important to incorporate additional healthy habits to your daily routine. Here are a few I recommend:

  1. Eat clean. Avoid processed foods and eat plenty of vegetables and lean proteins.
  2. Drink water. Lots of it! Water keeps your organs functioning properly and keeps you hydrated while exercising. I recommend 6-8 cups a day.
  3. Take daily vitamins. I recently started taking Hyperbiotics Pro-15, and Hyperbiotics Immune. One gives me an extra dose of probiotics to cleanse my digestive system. While Immune offers time-released supplements of Vitamin C and Zinc. Love them both!

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