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Ladies, I’m hosting an event and you’re invited, it is called Breathe! This Breathe women’s event will be held Friday, November 14 • Christ Journey • Gables Campus • 6p

Breathe is an interactive environment where women of all ages can relax, connect and be challenged with a gender specific message. Writer and speaker Angie Mabry-Nauta will be our special guest. She is the creator of a workshop called ” I love you mom, but…” where she addresses the myths of motherhood and how to move forward in faith from a strained mother/adult child relationships.

I am so excited to hear her encouraging words as she will be sharing a challenging message and reminding us what it means to be a woman of noble character.

This is an event you don’t want to miss.

Here’s the schedule:

VIP Hour • 6p
Flash Tatoo bar, polish changes by Christie Pea Nail Spa & a braid bar/hair touch-ups by JFM Beauty!
Dinner • 7p • Glazed pork loin, roasted potatoes, salad and a delicious dessert.
Speaker • 8p • Angie Mabry-Nauta • Gables Campus Auditorium

Breathe Your Are Mine

Regular price • $25
At the door •  $30
Cost includes dinner and childcare.

You can expect a delicious hearty meal and some quality girl-time. If you come early, maybe even some early VIP treatments.
Reserve your spot and register today!

For more information, email

Want to attend but not sure your friend will join you? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Enter to win 2 tickets for you and your bestie. Winners will be announced Thursday. See you soon!

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* Childcare is available by reservation only. Please, make all reservations no later than Nov. 10.


It just so happens that two of my favorite things star with ‘f’s’. Can you guess them? Fashion and FROYO.

To me, finding your favorite frozen yogurt is sort of like finding your favorite hair stylist. You try, and try, and experience some bad ones until you find one you love and are faithful to forever. Well, my quest for the best froyo in town has ended, and guess what, I found the best Miami froyo. There are 4 locations to choose from in Miami and over 1,300 in 46 countries.

Yogen Fruz  blog
Yogen Fruz  blog6
Yogen Fruz  blog3
Yogen Früz is a self-serve frozen yogurt heaven… In 1986, two brothers opened a frozen yogurt retail concept in Toronto, Canada. The small store turned into an extraordinary product and a great design.

Yogen Früz is delicious and nutritious, just what you need to live a healthy and active lifestyle. The one I go to is located right on Lincoln Road… With plenty of flavors and toppings to choose from, you can’t go wrong!  Who doesn’t love a big cup of frozen yogurt on a warm sunny day? I know I don’t mind it!

Yogen Fruz  blog8

Yogen Fruz  blog4
H&M Blazer
PacSun Romper
Zara Sandalls

Yogen Fruz  blog1
Ok so now you’re probably craving some frozen yogurt but guess what! Today is your lucky day :) We are giving away a gift card to Yogen Früz! All you have to do is enter the raffle below and like Flair Miami and Yogen Früz’s Facebook pages! The winners will be announced next monday on our Facebook page. It’s simple and quick who knows maybe you’ll be the winner of some delicious Froyo ;)
Good Luck! 

Yogen Fruz


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Hair… Curly vs straight?!jonathon powell, hair, fashion, stylist, curly vs straight hair

It’s either too curly or it’s too straight. It has too much volume (and eventually turns to frizz) or its too flat & won’t even stay up.

Truth is, the age-old question remains: What’s better curly or straight hair? And is there such thing as too curly or too straight?

Here is my curly vs straight hair resolution: Love your own crowning glory & find the product that’s right for you!

hydracurls, green soothing, jonathan products,  curly vs straight hair

If there’s one thing I’m known for… It is definitely my hair. You know, I’m the “girl with the curls.” And over the years, I’ve definitely learned to love & tame the mane. That wasn’t always the case, in fact, my middle school years where quite disastrous for my hair-life. (LA Looks was my saving grace. Eeeek, gross! Let’s pretend I never said that. I wouldn’t put that junk in my hair today, even if you paid me!! And don’t worry I wont show you pictures or should I? ;) ) Thank goodness middle school was only 3 years of my life & now, I know better styling products exist.

hair products, curly hair products, jonathan hair,  curly vs straight hair

Even though I eventually learned to style & manage my hair, the question still remains… Curly vs straight? Well, after spending some time observing hair trends at this year’s Mercedes Benz Swim Week. Guess what I found? Both are equally stylish & equally beautiful and with the help of Jonathan Products you can achieve any of the looks with ease! See for yourself:

jonathon powell, poko pano,  curly vs straight hair

 curly vs straight hair


For the Poko Pano show, lead hair stylist, Jonathon Powell created a sleek & sultry look using GG Gatsby’s new collection of straightening hair products. The models looked stunning!

 curly vs straight hair


behing the scenes, fashion show, swim week hair

Powell  was also the lead stylist for the L*Space – Monica Wise show where he created a sexy “wet look” bringing the perfect beach waves to our humid Miami beaches. “The Water is Waiting” theme inspired his hairstyles and the new Hydracurls collection helped bring them to life by adding the perfect blend of flirty & fun.


So, how do you wear your hair and what products have you found work for you?






In our last our celebrity inspired post, we were lusting over Olivia Palermo’s style, but lately the Kardashians always seem to be in the limelight when it comes to fashion…

So, for today’s celebrity inspired look, I’ve got my eye on the Jenner girls! Kylie Jenner, to be exact.

I’m not sure if it’s her daring hair changes or her edgy/grunge look that keeps me obsessing over the youngest of the Kardashion/Jenner clan… But I’m hooked.

If I could shop directly from her closet (and if I had an unlimited spending limit in my bank account) I’d probably be one of happiest girls in town. But, thankfully for me (and you too), Kendall and Kylie have launched their very own collection for participating PacSun stores. Want to know something even more exciting? The PacSun location at The Falls Mall Miami is the only location in Florida selling their collection. So, stay tuned for a funky outfit post c/o PacSun ;)

If, however, you are looking to copy one of her trendy looks but you’re on a budget, see below!


River Island Jumpsuit  $40
Asos Wrap Tie Coat (similar)  $114 
Fringe Cross Body  $69
Rag & Bone Fedora   $175
Zigi Soho Pumps  $50

Which celebrity’s style are you currently obsessing over? Let us know!

Filled with Latina glam, Miami is truly a place like no other…

As a visitor, one quickly learns that the Latin culture has a huge influence in our city. From Spanish billboards/signs, to different traditions, body-types, languages & foods; they all encompass the fun & vibrant life our city has to offer.

And we all know it isn’t easy to avoid the hair frizz & embrace the humidity in our day-to-day looks. Well, Glam Magazine featured some of our favorite Miami fashion bloggers (us included ;) ) with a street-style post in the 2014 Spring issue of Glam Belleza Latina.

They asked us to share our beauty secrets & focus on how we embrace Miami & our Latina roots. Here’s a peek:

What “V” wore:
ZARA skort
FOREVER 21 necklace
GO JANE shoes


What “G” wore:
ZARA wedges
ZARA envelope clutch
Image source: Glam Belleza Latina

The magazine, a branch-off from, launched earlier this year & is produced by a team of proud Latinas! We loved participating in their Miami feature. We got to share the experience with a few friends & also meet some new amigas with impeccable fashion & flawless looks.

To see the rest of the ladies & read some of their beauty secrets, check out the article here.

Confession #1: No, I am not pregnant. Sorry if the pictures I’ve been posting on Instagram and the title of this post made you think otherwise. ;)

Confession #2: I have thought about deleting the fitness tab of my blog at least 2x this year. (Buuuut, I wont… ) And if any fitness/health gurus out there want to contribute, I’m always up for a collaboration. Just shoot me an email.

Confession #3: 99% of the time, the only drink available in my house is water. (Sorry, I’m not really sorry. I love love love water and you should too!)

Human survival is dependent on water – It is known that the human body can last weeks without food, but only a few days without water. Weather, health, and living conditions can factor into how long you can live without water. But on average, if you go 3-5 days without any water intake, you will perish. Yikes!

Also, did you know that as you age your body loses water content? Upon birth, our body is made up of 90% water… But average adults have about 70% water content and with age the percentage decreases to about 60-50%.

Therefore, today’s post… You guessed it, it’s a tribute to H2O! Here are 10 ways that water can improve your health & fitness.

  1. Drinking water increases your metabolism and can help with weight loss.
  2. Water moisturizes from within and nourishes your skin.
  3. Drinking water can give you smoother & shinier hair.
  4. Water brightens you eyes and can reduce puffiness.
  5. Water boosts your energy and lowers stress.
  6. Drinking water helps build muscle.
  7. Water prevents muscle cramping & lubricates joints.
  8. Water shrinks pores & prevents future breakouts.
  9. Water helps with digestion and constipation.
  10. And best of all, it saves money!

Ready to increase your water intake? Here are 10 tips to help your daily water consumption.

  1. Set an alarm! In fact, as soon as your morning alarm goes off and you’re out of bed, start your day with a glass full of water. This will get your metabolism off to a good start!
  2. Keep water bottles in different locations, in your car, office, or gym bag.
  3. Infuse your water with flavor. Add lemon/lime or any fruit to spice-up your water.
  4. When eating out, avoid ordering sodas or juices and ask for good ol’ tap water instead.
  5. Challenge a friend to a healthy competition. Who can drink 8 glasses a day first? Having an exciting prize at the end of the week may help. ;)
  6. Drink at least 2 glasses per meal, one before and one after.
  7. Drinking juice? Dilute it with water, it also saves you some calories…
  8. Enjoy a nice warm herbal tea as an afternoon treat!
  9. Invest in a good filter.
  10. Consume more watermelon, cucumber, celery & oranges. These fruits and vegetables are not only delicious but they also offer a high water content which will help your hydration.

There you have it! Now go on, take a sip and enjoy the benefits…. Ahhhh!


Do you ever find yourself day dreaming? I do, I do!

This week, I had a really long 7-hour strategy meeting at work, and after about 5 hours of sitting in the same room my mind began to wander…


I started observing people in the room, looking out the window and playing with my necklace. Well, today’s wandering inspiration is just that, my necklace by Tiffany Ortiz, from TAudrey.

Tiffany, is a Miami native designer who established her dream in 2009, her very own jewelry line. TAudrey is designed for the multitasking “on the go” woman who dresses to the “t”.  Her adorable personalized line shows timeless elegance, with a playful nature.

A few weeks back, I receive a fun little package in the mail with my very own twitter handle name plate, and I couldn’t wait to share it with my readers.

So here’s how I styled today’s prim & proper work-day look with some personalized flair.



TAUDREY necklaces (c/o)
FUROR MODA sunnies
EMI JAY hairtie


TAUDREYWondering how to get your hands on this adorable collection?

Visit for a special 15% off your entire purchase, enter the code flairmiami to buy that special gift you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy!



Esta semana, tuve una reunión en el trabajo que estaba super larga, duro casi 7 horas. Después de 5 horas de estar sentada en la misma silla mi mente comenzó a soñar…

Comencé a observar a la gente en la sala, a mirar afuera por la ventana, y estaba totalmente distraida jugando con mi collar. Pues por esa razon, la inspiración de hoy es Tiffany Ortiz, de TAudrey .

Tiffany, es un diseñadora nacida en Miami quien estableció su sueño en 2009 , su propia línea de joyería . TAudrey fue diseñada para las mujeres ocupadas pero con mucho estilo. Su línea personalizada muestra una elegancia atemporal, con un carácter lúdico.

Hace unas semanas, recibí un pequeño paquete en el correo con mi propio nombre de Twitter y no podía esperar para compartirlo con ustedes.

Así que aquí tienen my adecuada look para un dia el trabajo con estilo personalizado.

¿Quieres ver el resto de esta linda colección?

Visita y recibe un descuento de 15 % en todos los artículos, use el código flairmiami para comprar ese regalo especial que usted ha estado esperando. Disfrute !


There are several things I love about fall in Miami, okay, okay, maybe just one thing… That I can still enjoy a day at the beach and feel a slight change in the weather with-out freezing.  Even though Miami is sort of…well, season-less, and we may not really experience “falling of leaves”, this time of the year in Miami is perfect. (I’m talking about those occasional chilly/non-humid/great hair days). ;)

With that being said, my outfit post will not consist of sweaters and boots, but of a pair of my favorite pants and strappy heels. As much as I love over-sized sweaters and booties, I prefer light and airy while enjoying fall in the 305.

pic4What I Wore:

Zara Top
Ann Taylor Necklace
Cotton On Drapey Pant
– Zara Strap Sandal (similar)

photo 5

What do you love about Fall in Miami? Let us know!

I don’t know about you, but doesn’t if feel like this year has completely flown by?

Does anyone ever have time for rest and relaxation anymore? Before you know it, it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas… Then hello New Year, yikes!

Well, in the midst of this non-stop, on-the-go life of mine, I’ve had a few people ask me all sorts of beauty questions lately. From: What hair product I use, to what mascara I recommend? Thus, today’s post.

Here are a few of my current beauty favorites…

5 beauty

  1. Smashbox–  Limitless Longwear Lipgloss – boundless: Oh the magic of gloss… It gives that effortless look with just the right amount of color and shine, great for both day and night!
  2. Bobbi Brown – Lash Glamour Lengthening Mascara: Perfectly separated long  lashes are hard to come by, but with this olive-derived, Vitamin B mascara I can be smudge-free all day long!
  3. Deva Curl – Light Defining Gel: This product is probably my best friend, not only does it help me avoid frizz, but it also defines my curls by locking in the good moisture and keeping out the bad. I don’t leave my house without this puppy! It’s part of my curly hair regimen.
  4. essie – blue rhapsody: Regardless of how busy you are, every girl needs a good mani and pedi — and this pop of blue metallic feels like a fun jazz song unveiling before me, shiny yet matte with a mix of cool  and sheen.
  5. Resvology – Age Corrective Eye Cream: Who says we can’t turn back time or at least slow it down? This lightweight, hydrating eye cream minimizes lines and wrinkles, as it firms, tightens and refines your eyes. Oh and did I mention it’s paraben and sulfate free? Yup, I’m a fan!


There you have it! Those are my little go-to beauty weapons for long work days. What are some of yours?


*This post is sponsored and backed by Resvology. All content reflects my honest and personal opinion.*

Bloomingdales flyer

If you weren’t able to make it to the Peace Love World, Pink Party at Bloomingdales in Aventura Mall this past Thursday night, no worries! Here is a recap of the fabulous night with a few fabulous Miami bloggers!

The evening was filled with fashion, fun, and delicious refreshments… A few of Flair Miami’s favorite things! ;) But more importantly, it was filled with excitement and support to fight for the cure — the event was called Bloomingdales & Bloggers Against Breast Cancer and it was dedicated to the thousands of women fighting against breast cancer.


Sponsors of the evening were: Perrier, Bunniecakes and PinkBerry

Fellow Miami bloggers styled some fabulous looks and then hit the runway for a fashion show! :)

What “V” wore:
PRADA sunglasses
AQUA leather jacket
B. BRIAN ATWOOD crossbody

What “G” wore:
ZARA heels

Hair: SoBlo MakeUp: Illamasqua

Photos: Alexander Tamargo / @ALTAimages

Don’t forget to support this great cause and pass by Bloomingdales at The Falls and Aventura Mall to shop  the Peace Love World’s breast cancer collection. Also, be sure to look out for the Miami fashion blogger installation!

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