Yoga beginners and yoga lovers. A little something for both.

Whether it be stretching and preparing your body for an intense work out, relaxing and calming your muscles after a long day, or focusing on certain poses to achieve balance and strength, practicing the asanas may be the perfect thing for you.

The great thing about yoga is it can work for anyone.  Since there are so many different practices of yoga, each person can choose the specific practice that suits their physical and mental needs and goals.

As a current yogi part of the YogiSukha group right here in Miami, I have been able to learn first hand the benefits that come out of yoga, and with out paying a penny!

Vanessa Salcedo,  a devoted yoga student, created the YogiSukha community in January of 2012 as a way to reach out to anyone interested in the yoga practice.  Vanessa always asks her students what positions they are interested in learning and makes sure to incorporate different sequences each time,  “In class, we use Vinyasa yoga as a way to focus on the students specific needs for that day.  None of our classes are the same.”

Classes are four times a week and run for 90 minutes, and the best part–they are free!  The only thing Vanessa asks to bring is a yoga mat, a towel, water, and a smile!

For more information on class times and locations visit or contact Vanessa directly at


Giselle Valenzano

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  1. Vanessa says:

    You did such a good job! Congratulations, Giselle! And thank you for writing so nicely about our Yogi Sukha and allowing us the chance to expand! I’m excited to read your future articles! (:

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