If I were a guy, I’d be one tiny little fella… It’s a little comical to even think of it honestly. Me as a man?

Well, this past weekend I was kind of “one of the guys”, a few of our friends came over and we hung out at the beach. I basked under the sun next to my hubby, while the other fellas scoped out their surroundings. It was quite humorous actually, hearing their conversations and comments.

Anyway, Tyler one of our friends whom you’ll get to meet in this post, was asked by a random dude if his physique “was natural”. It was such an odd question, that I thought it deserved a post in itself.

Tyler, spent 6.5 years on active duty as a Naval Officer, he has always enjoyed challenging himself mentally and physically through rigorous workouts. And he explained to us that his physique comes through hard training.  This rigorous training served him well while being deployed in Iraq with the 101st Airborne — and throughout his time in the military.  Now, it is basically just a part of life as it is something he enjoys.

Wanting to push your body to the limits? Here’s the brutal recommended workout. It’s 30Fab approved!

The Murph Workout

Do this as fast as you can. Pull-ups can be modified if needed. And if you’ve killed this workout and want to increase your endurance, you can add a 20lb vest.

The exercises in this workout aren’t anything you haven’t heard of before. But it was named The Murph after a great American veteran, LT Michael Murphy, who was killed while serving in Afghanistan. It was one of his favorite workouts. He called it the “Body Armor.”

Ready to give it a try? Be sure to get a good stretch before and after!
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