Whether you’re shopping for a significant other, dad, cousin, brother or friend buying gifts for men can actually be pretty daunting.

In fact, most men I know don’t even like surprises — they are problem solvers, doers that know exactly what they want and need. I was actually talking about this with a friend, she was telling me that whenever her fiancee shows interest in something, he actually ends up buying it for himself within days.

My husband on the other hand never wants or needs anything. I kid you not, them man could easily go a year (or two or three) without buying himself anything. Not because he doesn’t like shopping (which he of course doesn’t) but because he really could care less about material things.

So, if both of these men are at two different ends of the spectrum, how is anyone supposed to know what to buy them?

Here’s a tip…Ditch the boring tie, socks and flashlight idea and checkout this helpful Gift Guide for Him Under $100.

How do I know these are gifts they’ll love, you ask? Let’s just say I did a little research and asked a few of my male friends… Dads, techies, nerds, sports fans, stylish dudes — I asked them all. Don’t worry, I got you covered!

Here’s what they want for Christmas:

  • White tees are always a useful gift. They can be worn as undershirts, workout tees, or even paired with jeans. You can’t go wrong!
  • Sperry canvas sneakers always come in handy. They are versatile and comfortable.
  • JBL premium blue-tooth speakers are a must! Both the music aficionado and the techie in your life will approve.
  • Amphibian shorts make the perfect gift for all the practical fellas, they double as swimming trunks and regular shorts. Once he gets his hands on this material he’ll never want to get out of them.
  • Ditch the tighty withey and give him nice boxer briefs, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. (Whatever that means.) PS: If your’re a guy getting a gift for another guy, ignore this suggestion, things may get awkward.
  • For the savvy professionals, a luxury leather card holder is a must. One of my friends buys his card holders on eBay for like $2 (I won’t mention any names, you know who you are, lol) but I think I’ve seen him buy like 5 a year because they end up falling apart. I’m pretty sure this one would be a wiser investment for him, it provides a classier look and a timeless finish.
  • Okay, so I may have cheated with this one because it is my personal pick. I absolutely love seeing men wearing a striped tee. It is such a clean and classic look. Pair it with shorts or skinnies, and you’re all set! In case you’re wondering, yes, Miguel owns a gazillion striped tees because of me. ;)
  • Herschel Supply makes backpacks look oh so cool! The jet-setter and the cool kid at school has been eyeing one. I promise.
  • No-shave November has come and gone but from the looks of it, beards are here to stay. Help him eliminate the bumps and burns when he trims by treating him to The Perfect Shave Kit!
  • This last one is another one of my personal favorites… Converse. How can you go wrong? I say, Chucks for all! Suitable for a toddler, teen but also classy enough for the gents.

Some of the suggestions I got didn’t quite fit my Gift Guide for Him Under “$100 category” but during my extensive research ;) I also learned that since most men don’t shop throughout the year, when they do want something it isn’t cheap. So, in case you want to treat him to something extraordinary this year? Here are a few additional kick-butt options:

Vannia Enriquez

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