A chat with Miami’s fashion blogger, Maika, from GLAM Life Blog

    1. GLAM Life Blog is composed of 4 writers. How did the four of you decide to start this blog?
      GLAM Life Blog is a lifestyle blog run by me and my 3 younger sisters. It began with just me and then my sister Lydi’Ann came up with the great idea of having all four of us blog together and the rest is history!
    2. 4 personalities means 4 different perspectives. How do you ladies distribute the workload and deal with the differences that come along with running a blog?
      We create an editorial calendar and try to stick to it each month. Before we create the calendar, we’ll have an impromptu meeting where we come up with different topics to write about, events that we’ll be attending, etc. Discussing everything before we start writing helps prevent any kind of disagreements and we all get along as siblings, so that helps too.
    3. Through your blog you’ve been able to interview some really incredible people. Who has been the most inspirational to you?
      There are two — Samyr Laine a philanthropist and Olympian who competed for Haiti as a triple jumper in the 2012 Olympics and Mara Schiavocampo, of NBC Nightly News and the TODAY show.
    4. What advice you can give to other young bloggers?
      The best advice I could give is to keep on blogging! When I first started blogging, it would be inconsistent. However, once I fully committed myself, I started receiving a ton of different opportunities. I’d also say that it’s super important to just go out and meet people. It’s a little nerve-racking at first because you worry about your inexperience, but once you get past that, you really start to enjoy all the new people that you meet and the experiences that you gain.
    5. What do you hope to achieve in the future with GLAM Life blog?
      We really want to inspire others to Go Live A Marvelous Life; that’s what the “GLAM” in GLAM Life Blog stands for. We’ve branched out from fashion and now include lifestyle, beauty, and more topics. We don’t really know where it will take us, but we’re really enjoying the ride.
    6. Tell us a little secret. What’s something that most people don’t know about you and or your blog?
      Most people don’t know that I speak Spanish. It comes in really handy living in South Florida!
      Maika 1To learn more about Maika or her sisters, or to see her entire outfit post for our Black is Back: Blogger Style Challenge make sure to visit


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