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Perhaps by now know you that as much as I enjoy being a girly girl and playing dress up, I’m also very competitive and I really enjoy a good workout.

However, I don’t often get to have the best of both worlds, but what if I could? Is it possible to play dress up, have girl time, be competitive, and get a workout all at once? I think it is… Allow me to introduce you to the Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run, coming to Miami for the first time ever on November 17, 2012.

According to their founders, Pretty Muddy is a 5k (3.1 mile) “adventurous obstacle course mud run for any woman who wants to get outside, spend time with friends, and have fun.”

Why would anyone want to do this? Why not! It’s good clean fun that can make a difference in your community.

Okay, so maybe I lied a little, and it’s not that clean. But it can definitely make an impact. Before each muddy event, the organization links up with a Pretty Preferred Partner (a local organization) that is dedicated to making a difference in the city they’re visiting. Pretty Muddy then donates $5 for each registration under the partner’s link and a 2.5% of each additional entry fee.

Did I mention they encourage playing dress up? Best costume receives a prize!

Oh and don’t worry, you don’t have to be an athlete to complete the run. You can take as long as you like, and you can either run or walk the course. Scared of the challenging obstacle courses? Don’t be, some are simple and fun, while others may be a bit more difficult. But you don’t have to complete every obstacle; unless of course, you want to… It’s just good ol’ dirty fun.

So what are you waiting for? Register today and let’s do it together. Flair Miami and Pretty Muddy are teaming up and giving away a free registration to one of our readers for a limited time. Just leave a comment below using the words “Pretty Muddy” in a fun sentence. Creativity is strongly encouraged, good luck! Winner will be announced Nov. 1.

Hope you’ll join me.

To run or not to run, that is the question?

A few months back, I mentioned that I signed up for a full marathon this year. (I’ve ran a total of 3 half-marathons, I figured it’s now or never.) Well, it’s that time of year when I decide to just run and start my training, or not run nor train at all. Yikes!

At this point, I’d like to start telling you reasons why I don’t want to run the race. But instead, I’ll fight the urge and tell you how training for it shouldn’t be all that bad… So let’s do this together?

5 things you should know about marathon training:

1. Training will take time and dedication. Be ready to persevere. Whether you’re thinking of training for a half or a full, training will take a lot of time. Be patient and find a friend that can train alongside you, it helps if he/she runs at your same pace.

2. To get the best results, be sure to incorporate cross-training and core strengthening into your week. Strengthening all of your muscles is key during such a time, find a training schedule that is right for you! You can find tons of training guides online. A good training plan will require a minimum of 3-4 days of running and two days of cross/strength training. Start slow and build up your mileage weekly.

3. Be sure to always stay hydrated and be conscious about refueling your body. Running will hep your body burn calories, but replacing your body’s energy and nutrients with good sugars and carbohydrates is a must! Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet is a pivotal part of good training. What you put in it is what you’ll get out.

4. Prevent injury by running with the right gear. It is very common for runners to experience injury while training. To avoid this, you can take an at-home wet test, visit a bio-mechanics expert or an experienced shoe retailer. There are three basic foot types: flat, normal, and high arches. Depending on your step and foot type, your shoe may need to be reinforced with cushion, stability or motion control.

5. Runners really do experience a runner’s high. There may be times where you’ll want to quit and it will seem as though you’ve “hit the wall.” But if you push through it, soon to follow is that “runner’s high,” a state of euphoric joy that athletes experience after a vigorous workout. Your body has done what you never thought you could, you’ve accomplished your goal and the finish line awaits!




Yoga beginners and yoga lovers. A little something for both.

Whether it be stretching and preparing your body for an intense work out, relaxing and calming your muscles after a long day, or focusing on certain poses to achieve balance and strength, practicing the asanas may be the perfect thing for you.

The great thing about yoga is it can work for anyone.  Since there are so many different practices of yoga, each person can choose the specific practice that suits their physical and mental needs and goals.

As a current yogi part of the YogiSukha group right here in Miami, I have been able to learn first hand the benefits that come out of yoga, and with out paying a penny!

Vanessa Salcedo,  a devoted yoga student, created the YogiSukha community in January of 2012 as a way to reach out to anyone interested in the yoga practice.  Vanessa always asks her students what positions they are interested in learning and makes sure to incorporate different sequences each time,  “In class, we use Vinyasa yoga as a way to focus on the students specific needs for that day.  None of our classes are the same.”

Classes are four times a week and run for 90 minutes, and the best part–they are free!  The only thing Vanessa asks to bring is a yoga mat, a towel, water, and a smile!

For more information on class times and locations visit or contact Vanessa directly at


Under the FITNESS section you’ll be able to find quite a variety of fitness and health related posts. Sometimes, I’ll share my workout of the day. Other times I may give you my take on a gym, box, or class I visited. Once in a while, I’ll post updates on researched nutritional advice, while other times I may have free giveaways to local gyms…

Now you’re probably thinking, what makes you an expert? Truth is, I am by no means a trained professional. I may have taken a college course here and there (nutrition, weight-training and even yoga). But I’m definitely not a fitness guru. What I can tell you is that I love working out and I’ve tried just about everything. Over the years,  I’ve experimented with weight-lifting, taking yoga and pilates classes, crossfit/interval training, and even working out at home doing P90x & Insanity. I’ve done my share of marathons and soon I’ll have to start training for a full. (I’d also like to do a triathlon sometime, but I’m afraid I may disappear after so much cardio.) All in all, I love working out and eating healthy. It’s a daily choice and it’s a big part of my life. Please hear me when I say, I don’t have an ideal image that I think everyone should attain. I just think YOU should be the BEST YOU that you can be! While it definitely helps me stay fit and lean, I workout because it gives me energy and keeps me happy. Some people can’t live without their cup of coffee, I can’t live without my daily dose of “natural endorphin-high.”

 So, if you’re looking to start a fierce fitness journey, come along and enjoy the ride. Start here: (I found this on Pinterest, and I think it’s great! It pretty much sums up what I do on a regular basis.)

Eat less CRAP:

Carbonated Drinks

Refined Sugars

Artificial Sweeteners & Colors

Processed Meats

Eat more FOOD

Fruit & Veggies

Organic Lean Proteins

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Drink lots of water

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